Presentations can be daunting when you do not include explainer videos when communicating. As the name illustrates, audio and visual illustrations are used to determine a problem and how to solve it. In case of business promotion and advertisement, you can save both time and money by simply sending a message in some way other communication methods cannot. Many people love sharing videos instead of reading long messages since it is an easy way of expounding complex ideas into layman’s terms.

· 2D character animation

Making a 2D character animation video is easy and cheap. It is widely used among startup ideas because it is easier to make compared to other models. It is cheap in a way that it fits low budgets. This style involves creating characters in a 2D space using perspective to recreate the illusion of depth. It is mostly used by B2C and B2B companies because it is emotion-evoking and entreaties straight to the viewers. will help us understand how to make animated explainer videos for your website.


· 3D animation

This style is time-consuming and expensive to create because of its high quality and for state-of-art-feel that can make your brand stand out. Mostly, it is used for commercial purposes and incorporates many elements that can make the viewer feel rivetted in what is being illustrated. It takes more effort and time to create the latter which can be stressful to make adjustments with endless possibilities.

· 2.5D animation

This style combines 3D objects and 2D images in the same platform to give the video a 3D feeling and make it more attractive. This model is more time consuming and involves a higher budget than 2D. It comprises all the benefits of motion graphics animation video thus making it more sophisticated and fluid. This is a great alternative for companies with a limited budget that want to look top-notch but with a small budget that cannot fit in 3D techniques.


· Whiteboard

Whiteboard is the most well-known and ideal video type in startup systems. The whole idea is drawn in images and texts on a whiteboard which matches the voice explaining the whole concept. This style is effective for diving a bit deeper into a product, service or process explanation. Whiteboards portray simplicity when illustrating 2D character animations thus resulting in up-front and clear videos.

· Live action

Live action is recorded using a camera with real people. It involves a perfect crew, actors, editors, and producers in real scenes. This style is fit for all budgets aiming to create a personal rapport between the company and its potential customers. You can put yourself, your employees or your customers to explain your products or your services. Most people tend to trust brands which are not afraid to show their human side.


· Live action with track elements

In this style, live video footage is integrated with 3D elements tracked to the video. The added elements make the video more enjoyable to the audience by creating a lively look and rhythm. The graphics side tends to explain more about your product or service while the live interaction brings immersive feeling to it. Compared to other styles, live video with track elements is relatively expensive.

Keeping the above guidelines in mind, you can be confident your video brings great results to your business strategy. Content, formatting, tone, look and feel are those components that should fit together perfectly to make a killer video that is effective enough to strengthen your business and promote your brand. An explainer video should be instructive and entertaining all at once. Unlike a real video format, through which people could portray intense human emotions with equal magnificence, the animated video format could, at best, be used to imitate human emotions, basically in an exciting way.