Optimize Your Explainer Videos

A successful business is built upon quality products or services and a series of marketing campaigns. Speaking of marketing campaigns, video marketing is regarded as the most influential. Most business owners choose to outsource their video marketing campaigns thinking that it’s a daunting task and a pursuit best left to professionals. The truth is, if you know what is required, it shouldn’t be hard. But many video marketing professionals can tell you that it goes beyond thoughts to come up with a solid video marketing strategy. Luckily, this article is going to walk you through the top tips for formulating a potent explainer video marketing strategy. Let’s get straight to it:

Establish your explainer video marketing mission

The first step to formulating your explainer video marketing strategy is to nail down your video marketing mission. This simply means making explainer videos that advance your purpose, rather than creating ones that sell your product or service. For example, Nike has a very brilliant mission. They don’t just sell sneakers. They sell the idea that anyone can be a successful athlete. This strategy attracts people with similar goals and problems to come together for a common cause.

Draw up an ambitious plan for your explainer video marketing strategy

When your mission is all set up, it’s time to do the planning. Planning here doesn’t involve keeping a calendar. It involves formulating a framework to walk you through your explainer video marketing funnel. You must be able to figure out what exactly you need, what your target audience is looking for, steps that you’ll take to make it happen, and when.

Set in motion the production of your explainer video marketing strategy

The first two steps are usually the hardest parts of an explainer video marketing strategy. The next step is now to solicit the services of a production company and opt for one that aligns with your goals. This step will involve getting an expert to write the script and having the explainer video produced. You’ll finally have to market it rigorously.

Makes sure the quality of your videos is consistent

It’s hard to produce explainer videos week in, week out, which is ok. Stick to the schedule you’re comfortable with, but just ensure that your videos are top quality, always.


Planning a video marketing strategy can sound like a daunting task, but if you plan well, it’s become a piece of cake. Just follow the step given below, and you will not have trouble formulating a solid explainer videos marketing strategy.