Explainer Videos to Go Viral

If you’re a marketing enthusiast, then you know that you can’t push the new generation of customers to buy your products or services. In fact, if you do that, they will abandon your business in droves. You will manage to get the new generation of customers to buy from you by being creative and offering them something useful and timely. You’ll have to do a little extra to motivate them to ask for more, create curiosity in them about your product, and reward them for sticking to your brand. That said, here are creative ideas for your explainer video’s call-to-action.

1. Ask the viewers to fill out a form at the end of your explainers videos

Although this kind of call-to-action is considered common and old, it’s still useful. It involves asking your viewers to provide particular information. You can then use that information to create a solid database of potential and long-term customers who need and are ready to buy your products or services.

2. Asking a question can be an effective CTA for your explainer videos

A question typically encourages your viewers to join the conversation. It’s an effective technique to gather your target audience’s feedback and interact with them.

3. Include free trial as a CTA in your explainer videos

This type of CTA works best for subscription business models. It involves giving your viewers the chance to test out your product before buying it. This technique can attract a ton of customers to your products.

4. Another CTA for explainer videos is to ask viewers to download an ebook

Asking viewers to download an ebook can be a great way to tell them more about your products or services. An ebook provides detailed, useful and valuable information for your target customers to make informed buying decisions.

5. Directing prospects to watch another video is an effective CTA for your Explainer videos

Directing your prospective customers to watch another video is an excellent technique to enable them to complement the information they’ve just harnessed by watching your explainer video. The video may be more specific about the product or adapted to the buying stage they are at.

6. Enter to win is an effective CTA for explainer videos

You can ask your viewers to enter a competition to win the products on the explainer videos.


Call-to-actions are must-haves for any explainer video today. After all, the main aim of creating product explainer videos is to motivate customers to take action. If you have trouble crafting a winning CTA, this list is more than sufficient.